The RoboGolfPro Customizes Your Swing

Up until now, golfers have had to rely on feedback by an instructor, video analysis, or funny looking swing contraptions. There was no way for a golf instructor to have the ability to record your swing, then make corrections to it in a computer, and finally give you your swing back in the form of a robot-assisted swing.

The RoboGolfPro is the only machine in existence that takes your club and physically guides you through a perfect swing. The RoboGolfPro allows the instructor to let you feel the perfect ergonomic, efficient and physically correct golf swing for your ability and physique.

Now your instructor can have the power to record your swing, correct it on a PC using specialized software and then give you back your corrected swing. The RoboGolfPro rebuilds your swing and resists your bad habits, mistakes and tendencies. Your instructor corrects it on the spot and then lets you FEEL the correct swing for you. With a few minutes of practice, each time moving a little faster, you develop new golf swing habits that help your game.

RoboGolfPro Creates New Muscle Memory

If you tend to hook and slice then there is a fundamental part of your swing that needs to be corrected; sometimes the finest of adjustments can make all the difference in the world. The golf ball simply reacts to the face, contact and force of your golf club. If you create a perfect situation when contacting the ball, you will have a great shot. The RoboGolfPro gives you back your new revised swing so that you can feel it. You can practice your swing, but the RoboGolfPro will force you to learn your new and improved swing. It will not let you fall into your old habits. By doing this repetitively on the robot, you will create new Muscle Memory.

Without the RoboGolfPro, it takes significantly more practice to achieve the same result simply because you won’t get an instant “Ah-Ha” moment like you do on the RoboGolfPro. You know the moment – the one when suddenly, after many swings, you literally feel the one swing that has perfect contact with the ball, and the ball flies high, straight and far? This happens almost immediately on the RoboGolfPro.